Consultation Information with the exchange of ideas

Initial consultations give you, the homeowner, and the designer an opportunity to discuss and evaluate your existing landscape. The designer will help address potential problems and look into solutions from plants and planting to construction and design issues. The initial consultation also gives you a chance to discuss new ideas and thoughts that you have for your landscape. The consultation is a general question and answer session that is centered on your landscape. The valuable information discussed in the consultation will help start to set the framework for a potential Landscape Design

Design Services Designing the landscape with the client in mind

The Natural Accent will generate a drawing that is artistic, imaginative, functional, and to scale. We incorporate hardscape features, such as patios, walks, stone walls, ponds, decks, and pergolas. We take the time to choose plants and materials that are interesting, colorful, and appealing to the senses. We utilize the thoughts and design ideas from our initial consultation and we combine those suggestions into the landscape design. We strive to make the yard easier to manage and interesting throughout the year. The plan also makes it possible for the homeowner to install it themselves or, if assistance is required, we can provide the help you need to complete the installation process.

Installation Putting Your Plans Into Action

With your Landscape Plan in hand, The Natural Accent can provide the service to reach your dream. Our knowledgeable staff has the resources and equipment to make your landscape become a reality. We strive to use environmentally friendly and quality products when installing your landscape. Our soil preparation practices help enhance the survivability of the plants we install and our construction techniques provide the stability of our hardscapes. Landscape projects can be completed all at once or we can work within a series of stages/budgets over a period of years to reach the ultimate goal.

Landscaping Projects

Bed Preparation
Stone and Retaining Walls
Stone & Paver Patios
Fire Pits
Water Features
Sod & Seeding

Maintenance Keeping it Fresh

The Natural Accent provides pruning, mulching, and general care of your landscape. We set up Maintenance plans based on consumers needs. We do not provide weekly lawn care or pest control on plant material.